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Software Guide – Collaboration

File sharing software to help your business work collaboratively

Our software guides have been put together to help small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs), understand some of the leading software products currently available. You will discover products and services to help you not only run your business more productively, but also to help you exploit more efficient and profitable ways of working.

These Guides will help you to gain a better understanding of some of the products and services that can be exploited when you have superfast broadband.

It’s important from the outset to clarify exactly what the Guides are and are not:

  • What they are – Guides to some of the main products in key business software categories that address the requirements of a typical SME, providing pointers and generic guidance.
  • What they are not – these Guides are not intended to be comprehensive either in terms of the range of categories, or the products listed. Inclusion in the Guide isn’t a specific endorsement from Superfast Business Cornwall, we are simply providing examples of the wide range of products currently available and the features and functions on offer.

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