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Innovative Big Data Development from Cornish Specialist Pansensic Ltd

Pansensic Ltd is a software developer based in Bude.   Pansensic LogoEvery week it collects and analyses millions of customer and employee feedback comments from companies worldwide and presents this information in an understandable way and “makes sense of the soup.” It deals with three major business areas; Healthcare, New Product Development and Staff Experience and clients include the NHS, Samsung and Cadbury.

Pansensic believes that the better informed their clients, the wiser their decisions, improving their organisations and their products and services. The business uses a combination of artificial intelligence and a vast database of key words and phrases to produce these valuable insights.

The opportunity

As the company deals with clients’ data, it was clear that they needed a secure solution for their clients to comply with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) which came into effect in May 2018. Their solution was to develop a software platform that allows their web applications to be deployed on their client’s internal software infrastructure whilst accessing Pansensic’s keywords and algorithms securely over the web, without the need to export sensitive data.

Director Paul Howarth approached Superfast Business Cornwall to support the software development and get this safe software platform off the ground.

Paul explains:

“This digital project will allow our clients to use their own internally held customer and staff intelligence.  This data is very rich but unstructured and contains sensitive information, however, with this new software all data is analysed safely without leaving the customer’s systems and is GDPR compliant.”

How did Superfast Business Cornwall support Pansensic

Digital Business Enabler, Steve Edwards, met with Paul to scope out the project and plan how it would be developed and implemented.

Superfast Business Cornwall provided funding towards the costs of the Pansensic using third party supplier expertise to help accelerate the implementation of the solution.

Steve adds:

“It was a fantastic project to be involved with. This solution will allow Pansensic to deploy its cloud-based software solutions on their client’s internal IT infrastructure, opening up a huge potential market with both existing customers and a new customer base. They already have an impressive client list and this is an exciting area of big data and application and machine learning. A bright future for an innovative Cornish technology business.”

Benefits for the business

Paul says:

“This project means that multiple products can be created using the platform. We have new sales opportunities as it reduces the barriers to purchasing our solution. Two roles have already been created due to the support from Superfast Business Cornwall. And we expect more to follow.”

How digital technology can benefit your business

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

AI is used as an umbrella term to group a number of technologies together. The most well-known AI technology is machine learning. Here systems can improve their performance if they are given more information. A good example is online credit card fraud prevention. Your bank’s AI system learns your spending habits and when a payment appears that doesn’t fit the profile the AI has, it alerts the bank to a possible fraud.

Automation is also a major component of AI. All businesses are looking for efficiencies with their systems to reduce costs. Removing humans from many of the repetitive tasks they currently do, is a major drive for AI in business. Here AI ‘bots’ can help business run much more efficiently, as they act at as a digital assistant. A recent example is the Sage AI chatbot that can help business better manage its finances and tax.

To find out more about AI read our guide: A small business guide to Artificial Intelligence

What is Big Data?

The arrival of the digital age has made it possible for us to capture and store vast amounts of data. The volume of data that we can record is increasing all the time.
For example, every time we shop online we leave a detailed ‘digital footprint’ of our buying behaviour. Social media is another example where large quantities of consumer data are being generated every second of the day.

The term Big Data recognises the fact that the old methods of analysing information cannot keep pace with the rate at which new information is being created. It therefore involves using advanced software to interrogate these huge databases, to uncover new learning that can be applied to improve processes and make business more effective and competitive.

So, Big Data could be summed up as: sets of data whose size and complexity is beyond the capability of conventional software to manage and analyse.

To find out more about Big data read our guide: Why Big Data is important for all businesses – big and small

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