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Casting Ashes – Case Study

“Superfast Business Cornwall provided us with great information and we have been able to use the knowledge gained to develop and grow our business.” – Jill Brennan, Casting Ashes

St Columb Major based husband and wife team, Noel and Jill Brennan began their business in 2017.  Casting Ashes combines their interest in both sculpture and emotional well-being.

The initial idea for Casting Ashes came when at a family funeral, Noel announced he would like his ashes to be cast into a sculpture.  They knew it was possible to have ashes fused into blown glass to create keepsake jewellery, but no-one was casting ashes into concrete.  Now the business specialises in cremation sculpture using their own designs and moulds.   As the cast is being poured ashes are sprinkled into the mould so they become fully incorporated into the solid piece.

People wishing to commission a sculpture can visit their shop at St Columb Major, where they showcase their designs. Clients are welcome to attend the casting of ashes and indeed sprinkle the ashes themselves making it an unique and memorable experience.

Digital Expertise from Superfast Business Cornwall

Jill contacted Superfast Business Cornwall wishing to attend a two day intensive workshop specifically designed to help utilise digital technology to get their businesses off to a flying start. It provided useful information on using free or inexpensive digital tools to help with business processes such as online book keeping and taking payments, through to digital marketing and promoting their business online.

The ‘Technology Essentials for Business’ workshop came just at the right time for Jill. The workshop gave her the confidence to move forward with the creation of their website and an eCommerce platform. Jill has also adopted Wave Accounting which has really helped to facilitate the way they do business.

The business also adopted a mobile app which increases visibility of their day to day finances and enables card transactions which has been a great help to the business.

After the workshop Jill commented:

“I now feel more confident about marketing because I understand more fully product and service and how to communicate effectively to potential customers. I’m excited to get started, and feel empowered knowing I have the support to succeed”.

Jill particularly wanted to build an online shop on other platforms and now has a presence on huunuu, Blue Patch and Etsy, as well as collaborative networking within the death and bereavement support industry.

Jill said:

“Superfast Business Cornwall provided us with great information and we have been able to use the knowledge gained to develop and grow our business.”

Harness digital technology for business growth

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The benefits of adopting digital technology


Funded by ERDF, Superfast Business Cornwall provides a fully funded programme of support to help businesses understand, adopt and exploit digital technology for growth. Delivered by a small team of experienced Digital Business Advisers, the service offers 1-2-1 impartial advice, website reviews, workshops for small groups and advice on connectivity to Superfast Broadband. Grant funding may also be available for new digital projects which help businesses grow and create jobs.

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