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Request for Quotation – Development of a Restricted Social Media webApp and mobile platform using Graph DataBase technology

Pandreco Ltd is a media focused consultancy with interests in publishing, development of digital projects as well as biotech and energy.


Company is seeking a formal costed quote, along with a proposed delivery plan, of the types of services that you might be able to supply matching the brief detailed below for its Ripostr System. The system is to offer a mobile platform and webapp for a restricted social media network.

Summary Company invites quotes from suitably experienced organisations with abilities and a proven track record in delivering top quartile software development in directly relevant areas of technical expertise. The successful organisation will work in partnership with the management of Pandreco Ltd to implement the chosen solution.

The Solution

Building on a live prototype built using a Relation Data Base. Ripostr is to be redesigned and rebuilt from scratch using GraphDataBase technology.  The target of the project is a Minimum Viable Commercial Product – i.e. a stage beyond a “proof of concept” MVP.

The solution should provide, in terms of the data model of the proposed system, consideration must be made into the requirements of the system which can be listed as follows:

  • Flexible schema, allowing rapid development and flexibility that allows the system to adapt to future requirements.
  • A relationship as a first order premise. Allowing properties to be attributed to a relation easily; producing a rich connected data set.
  • Reduced impedance mismatch meaning the data model reflects the way the user perceives the domain. The source code entities should also reflect this.
  • API ease of use and documentation.
  • Scalability.

A more complete specification doc is available under NDA and can be requested via the contact details at the end of this RFP


Ripostr – System Requirement

Suggested structure/tools

Data Base

  • Neo4j or alternative GraphDatabAse
    • Ability to handle nodes and relationships
    • Ease of scaling
    • Speed of Queries


  • Java
    • Ability to handle complexity effectively with object model.
    • Efficiency in multithreading.
    • Ease of manipulating Neo4J (Spring JPA).
  • Tomcat
    • Container used to handle requests, security, deployment.
    • Industry standard method of managing web applications.
    • Configurable and allows accessing of logs.


  • HTML & Javascript
    • Industry standard
  • Angular JS
    • Javascript framework allowing easy adaptation of HTML. Easy to integrate with back end service and manipulate JSON responses.
  • Bootstrap
    • Make things look professional with minimal effort.


Reporting We expect the developers to use modern Agile processes for development and continuous delivery of development.

Weekly milestones and meetings (scrums) will be expected.

Whilst developing the system we would welcome your thoughts and ideas on how we can use this to provide intelligence to drive best use of the system and value to our guests.


Deliverer Profile The supplier will need to demonstrate:

  • An ability to work with Pandreco Ltd to ensure the development of accurate briefs that meet requirements
  • Ability to demonstrate creativity and provide costed suggestions for the system and if necessary alternative solutions that still meet requirements
  • A task and finish approach to project management
  • Ability to keep accurate records and keep us informed at regular intervals of costs and to keep within budget


The successful organisation will be awarded a Contract, which is expected to commence in August 2017. It is expected that the solution can be completed and installed on AWS by the end of October 2017.

This would be subject to performance reviews and applicable procurement rules. The indicative value for the contract is £50,000 (plus VAT).

Intellectual Property All Intellectual Property created by the successful Supplier in the course of performing the Services or exclusively for the purpose of performing the Services shall ultimately rest with Pandreco Ltd


Quote Process Interested organisations are required to submit a response against the question set below:

Company Name:

Q1. Please detail your organisation’s skills and experience in delivering the type of activity detailed in the request for quotation. Please include examples where similar developments have been delivered successfully previously.

Q2. Please provide details of the relevant professional experience of staff that will be involved in delivering the service

Q3. Please provide an outline plan for undertaking this work including expected time to start and finish including user testing time.

Q4. Please provide a brief description of how the development process works and how any communications would work with Pandreco’s operational staff i.e. face to face phone e-mail web ex or conferencing tools such as Facetime\Skype, Teamwork, Jira, Trello.

Q5. How will you evidence value for money and how will you charge for your services? Please provide examples of costings and explain if your rates are hourly or costed based on an estimate following an agreed specification of work required.

Please ensure all responses are limited to 500 words per question.

Please return your completed quotation to Richard Norris, by COB on 28 June 2017. Please put in the email subject line “Ripostr Phase 1 Tender”.

Please direct any questions you have about this quote or the process to the same email address using the email subject line “Ripostr Development Query”. The last time and date for clarification questions by COB on 20th June 2017.


Contract Award

Following the review of systems organisations may be asked to demonstrate an understanding of the systems with a potential demonstration of the proposed solution before a decision is made.

Please note that Pandreco Ltd is submitting a funding application of which if successful the project is part funded by ERDF.

Pandreco Ltd reserves the right to withdraw from the procurement at any point in time during the procurement process.

Pandreco Ltd is committed to creating an environment where there is mutual respect, honesty and equality of opportunity for all. We expect suppliers to share and demonstrate this commitment in their policies and practices.

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