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SFBC Procurement Opportunity – Workshop Delivery – Reference 031-2017-S-SFBC

Superfast Business Cornwall is delivering a service of high quality advice support, information and grant funding to help businesses in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly understand, adopt and exploit digital technology for growth.

A key part of this service is to engage our client and partner base through the use of Workshops and Network events.

We have so far delivered multiple workshops and events and have a produced a refined process, tested content and work books.

Delivery has included:

Inspiring Action Workshop

Primarily Half day Workshops with the possibility of occasional 2 day workshops

Working with businesses to help them understand how they can use digital technology to:

  • Save their business money – with pay-as-you-go cloud computing and internet based telephone calls (VoIP)
  • Make their business more efficient – how to access the business 24/7 from anywhere with mobile technology
  • Build an online business presence and gain advantage over competitors
  • Understand customer needs, track buying habits and increase customer retention with a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system
  • Grow their business

These workshops are delivered by a Workshop Facilitator with additional support from a Business Adviser – to encourage engagement/collaboration between the businesses to support delegates in completing a workbook/gap analysis – this forms part of their Digital Action Plan.

Women Led Enterprise Events

Typically a half day

A networking event designed to engage with Women Led Enterprises and female entrepreneurs to discuss adopting and exploiting technology to grow their business and learn tips and tricks to be more efficient, flexible and productive.

Each of these events will have themes which will target specific technologies and practices.

Partner Masterclass

Typically 2/4 hour events

A session for business support providers which will run to a specific pre planned theme. Sessions are all designed around upskilling our partners on relevant topics, but also to reassure and get updates on how Superfast Business Cornwall can help their clients explore, adopt and exploit digital technology to grow.


We are currently looking for suppliers that would be able to deliver outstanding service to Superfast Business Cornwall and its clients through personal experiences and technological knowledge, we ask that you submit a quote to us detailing the following:

  • Your experience in delivering information to a group of delegates – Where possible please give examples that are relevant to delivering information regarding Digital Technology.
  • Your subject specific expertise – please note that we are not looking for Digital Marketing expertise as this is covered in house
  • This service covers Cornwall, could you confirm that you are able to cover across the location
  • Full Costing per Event. Must include travel costs and time and VAT if applicable. This could be per hour, per half day or per day for example.



  • The supplier delivering must arrive 1 hour before the workshop registration for set up and equipment/sound checks
  • Wrap up and debrief with Adviser half an hour after events
  • All material is produced and will be provided in advance
  • All materials are the property of Superfast Business Cornwall and must not be reproduced or distributed
  • Presenter must deliver as Superfast Business Cornwall, not promoting their own company or brand
  • The workshop is a standard format and must be delivered as already designed in order for the service to be delivered consistently across all beneficiaries
  • There are possible opportunities to sit in on a live workshops to observe how they are delivered

All quotes should be sent to

As this is an ongoing service there is no set closing date, but SFBC reserves the right to remove the procurement should we feel all possible expertise can be covered.



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